Friday, December 5, 2008

Fancy Friday

Sometimes, progressive death metal bands do get fancy. Very fancy, actually. Opeth is to metal what Missy Elliot is to hip hop: Always doing something incredibly different and so far to the left of center, it becomes decidedly un-whatever genre it first set out to acomplish. The similarities fortunately end there (although Missy's "The Rain" is fucking stellar). Opeth continually put out near-flawless albums, each different then the last. From "Still Life" to the perfect "Blackwater Park" to this year's "Watershed", Opeth continue to amaze and twist many genres, sometimes all within a single song.

Here's something very fancy for you: "Burden"

1 comment:

Ross C. said...

It sucks I started listening to these guys, cause now I can't listen to any other metal.

Amazing song!