Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Testicluar Tuesday is Godzilla!!!

The great Sepultura releases their new opus "A-Lex" today, on this fine Testicular Tuesday. It translates to "No Law"or "Without Law" and is based on an interweaving of both the book and film "A Clockwork Orange". Haters keep on hating: Yes the Cavalera brothers are now both gone. However, they weren't original Sep members and Derrick Green is the fucking Predator. Game point.

If you stopped listening to Sepultura after Roots, I'm sorry you missed years of great tunes. "Against", "Nation", "Roorback" and "Dante XIV" are all strong records (including the Tribus and Revolusongs EP's).

Support this band that has always been the outside thinker in the closed box of the metal world. From what I've heard so far, "A-Lex" promises to kill.

"The Girl From Ipanema/We've Lost You" (2008 Latin Grammys)
"Choke" Live

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