Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kiss The Vinyl

I truly believe that if you're from or spent time growing up in the Tri-State Area and were somewhat into the hardcore scene, you have a soft spot for Candiria. Forget the fact that they weren't a hardcore band...You just loved them. Their albums combined literally every genre of music, sometimes all in one song, yet always seamlessly. They had the ability to take one breakdown riff/note and turn it into a web of complex poly-rhythms and simplsitic mosh pit anthems. The band would always have at least one true hip hop jam on each record and always spatter traditional jazz breaks randomly, but always fitting the song. If there's one thing Candiria never did, it was to put something in a song that was just there to do it (aka: The Radiohead Quotient).

After a string of more and more successful albums (like the flawless "The Process of Self-Development" and their metal breakthrough, "300 Percent Density"), the dudes got in a serious van crash (cue Van Flip line from Lambgoat...Now) and suffered a ton of broken bones and bruises. Drummer Ken Schalk even broke his foot bones and I believe someone broke their neck. The band won a multi-million dollar lawsuit, but I believe has yet to get paid.

They released the fan-divided, yet fucking awesome "What Doesn't Kill You..." in 2004, with all the album artwork featuring shots of the damaged van inside and out. The record was more melodic and for the first time, verse-chorus-verse oriented (at least a bit more than previous works) and way more introspective and reflective. There were still hints of tha old school New York madness (ie: "Blood", "Down"), but they had clearly progressed and were tired of cornering themselves.

The band did find some success with this record, but new label Type A (through Sony Music) decided not to release the follow up "Kiss The Lie", even though it was completed in 2006. Fans have been dying to hear it all this time. So, I'm on the PRP and I see a post about it being up on iTunes. I hate buying digital music only, but I forked over the $10 and burned me a CD and took off to a work function. It was fantastic, yet unmixed and unmastered. The fucking label guy released it with it being finished. There are even songs missing.

So guitarist John LaMacchia decides to start his own label called Rising Pulse and decides to put "Kiss The Lie" out himself. Starting February 3rd, you can go to and pre-order the 500-Only limited 2LP pressing of "KIss The Lie", with photos, bonus tracks and thick-ass vinyl. Can't wait!

You can also check out John's new project called Spylacopa (featuring members of Dillinger Escape Plan, Made Out of Babies and ISIS) and Carly Coma/Ken Schalk's new more spiritual rock band, Hope Kills Fear. Candiria is still sort-of active...There's always hope!

"Without Water"
"Signs of Discontent"