Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Testicular Tuesday of Flies

Cave In is so awesome. I think their efforts from Creative Eclipses and on are their best (especially Jupiter and Perfect Pitch Black), but that's not to say that Beyond Hypothermia and the groundbreaking Until Your Heart Stops aren't killer records. There are some metal/hardcore gems in there. Yes, this predates the abomination that metalcore has become. I guess we have Cave In and Zao to thank.

Anyway, I stumbled acorss this full show from Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA in 1999, on the UYHS tour. These dudes are so young and clean shaven! Even beardless, they rock this crowd like a motherfucker.

Check this setlist:

Halo of Flies
Bottom Feeder
Inflatable Dream
The End of Our Rope is a Noose

Seriously, I can't wait for new Cave In material. I've heard that they have a band new EP coming out soon...I'd like that a whole lot.

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