Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday, 1997...I Mean 2009

Today is like opening a time capsule of hardcore. Both Earth Crisis and Zao have new records out and I'm heading to my local record shop to buy them. Feels like I'm 17 again, wearing my Snapcase hoodie, long shorts, listening to some Cast Iron Hike...Wait, not much has changed! Earth Crisis is putting out their first original full length since 2000's Slither (which I loved, goofball elitist hardcore d-bags hated) and Zao is back as a four-piece, doing what they do best: Crushing riffs, razor-gargling vocals, poetic lyrics, handlebar mustaches.

The Zao is limited to 8K physical copies and the packaging is supposed to be breathtaking, while Century Media decided to give iTunes an album-only bonus track for Earth Crisis, which is fucked up. Thanks, dudes, who last put an album out before iTunes existed.

Anyway, here's some tunes to wake up with on this fine Cinco de Mayo...

ZAO "Five Year Winter" Live:
Earth Crisis "Broken Foundation" Ozzfest Live 1996:

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