Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pearl Jam Loves Turtles

The new PJ album will hit streets on 9/22 (possibly) and after their 3-minute appearance on Conan last night and their much-publicized deal with Target, there's a lot of info suddenly out there. The new song "Get Some" is pretty awesome. Ed didn't quite have a great night vocally but it was killer to see a song so bass/drum driven. It was almost Police-like, circa 1978. Like a long lost b-side. It has that familiar feel like "Save You", "Spin The Black Circle" and other vicious PJ tracks from years past, but it also has jerky start-stop breaks and a very infectious chorus. Look, nothing works better than some great power chords. We all know this.

Yes, the Target deal seems like horseshit, but it might be a good deal for the band and Target has always been an eco-friendly company, something that probably seems very attractive to Pearl Jam. They promise to still put the record out thru the indies and of course the Ten Club.

Oh yeah, the album is going to be called Backspacer...Either a reference to the backspace key on turn-of-the-century typrwriters or that damn turtle Stone Gossard sponsored in some stupid race for jerks. I hope it's the former cause the latter is fucking lame.

Bottom line: New Pearl Jam music is always a good thing.

Check it out if you missed it:

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