Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Planets of Awesome

Cave In is back. You should know this. A new single hit the 'net shelves at iTunes today, called "Retina Sees Rewind", which is taken from the forthcoming 12" 4-song EP Planets of Old, coming July 28th on the ever-awesome Hydra Head Records. It will rule. You should also know this.

A lot of people have their fandom split between the metalcore originators era (1995-1998) and the Failure-loving days (1999-2004), but I seem to really dig where they've been going off and on since 2005's Perfect Pitch Black...They go wherever the fuck they want. It's like Led Zeppelin meets Old Man Gloom at Ken Andrew's house. The new track is killer and keeps with this freedom, leaving the listener with under 3 minutes of aural bliss.

The band reunites on July 19th in Mass for "reunion"/record release show of sorts. Tickets sold out in 2 minutes or some crazy shit like that.

In case you can't tell, I cannot wait for this.

A tasty nugget to get you excited: "The World Is In Your Way" Live, 2005


TKW said... picture of JR?

Stupid and Unkind said...

Yeah, just found this pic w/ Ben and put it on, since I was listening to the Cassingle. I love me some of JR's drumming, so I might do a blog feature on him in the future. I'm thinking about doing that once a week for individual musicians.