Monday, July 13, 2009

Pretty New Things

Just a quick update on a few new items that are most impressive:

- Young Widows 7" vinyl series (Temporary Residence)
- Pelican- Ephemeral 12" EP (Southern Lord)
- Coliseum- True Quiet/Last Wave 7" (Deathwish)
- Champions of Sound 2x7"- Unreleased gems from Stove Bredsky, Zozobra, Pelican and Kayo Dot (Hydra Head)
- Pearl Jam- Fan Club X-Mas 7" (Monkeywrench), yes just arrived in July...The Christmas single. Even late for Flag Day this year, dudes.
- Poison The Well- The Tropic Rot (Ferret)
- Killswitch Engage- s/t (Roadrunner)
- Disappearer- The Clearing (Magic Bullet)

Here's to a great week!

Disappearer- Unreleased Demo Track/Video:

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