Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Reason Why This Blog Exists:

Soundgarden. A "new" track hit the airwaves this week called "Black Rain" and it's one of those songs that makes you think about the level of heavy a band could actually get and/or attain to reach. I'd say that this is about the heaviest they ever got (along with "Cold Bitch", "Birth Ritual" and "Beyond The Wheel"). This massive "new" song was actually recorded in 1991 for the Badmotorfinger sessions and was left off the record for reasons I just can't wrap my tiny brain around. This shit is ridiculous.

Rumor has it that Chris Cornell layed down some overdubbed vocals on the track recently. If true, you can't tell at all, which is a testament to the rebirth of his scream...and not the album Scream, which neary cost him all of his fans (and rightly so).

I was lucky enough to see the reunion show in Seattle back in April and nearly shit myself at how amazing they were and how HEAVY they could still be. Another best-of retrospective hits stores on September 28th (w/Black Rain included), but I'm still holding out for the giant box o' goodies Kim Thayil has been hinting at for over 13 years.

This is a level of awesome that is truly hard to comprehend.
Beyond The Wheel" (Showbox, Seattle 4/16/10):

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