Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Threat Was Real...At One Point

Ok, I'm not going to go on a tirade, yet again, about how John Bush is THE only singer that's right for Anthrax. Seems like he proved himself just fine for over a decade, without my help. I also dug what I heard of Dan Nelson and would love to hear their unreleased Chinese Democracy...I mean Worship Music.

...Which leads us to Joey Belladonna. Sorry, not a fan. Never was. Think of how fucking incredible Persistence of Time would've been with John Bush on vocals for the entire record...EPIC.

My whole point of writing this today was that I've been spinning Volume 8...The Threat Is Real! non-stop lately and enjoying the living shit out of it. Every song on this record is the tits. One of the strongest openers ever, in "Crush", best single/video for "Inside Out", numerous solos from Dimebag and top-notch production. The bonus tracks are killer as well, most of them coming from the Japan-only "Inside Out EP".

Sadly, this record is now out of print (for the third time). Makes it sound that much better.

Whatever this band decides to do going forward, their 4 records with John Bush stand the test of time and helped keep metal alive through the very difficult 1990's. Much respect.

"Inside Out"

"Crush" (live, 2000)

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