Saturday, November 6, 2010

What A (Satur)Day

I woke up this morning with Faith No More's 1995 gem, "What A Day" playing on repeat in my head. King For A Day is truly the fans' album from FNM. Every song is a unique genre and story unto itself. You want insanity? Check. Balladry? Check. Songs about hating your record label? Damn straight.

KFAD also has one of the strongest closes to a record, with each song getting better and better towards the finale, ending in the higlight of "Just A Man".

This clip below is from a 1995 MTV performance...You know, when they actually welcomed bands and dare I say, good bands, to come perform. Furthermore, they performed an album cut, not any of the records' singles. Gotta love that.

My favorite thing about this clip is that Dean is wearing a DUH t-shirt (the band FNM plucked him from) and Roddy is wearing a Cement t-shirt (the band previous singer Chuck Mosely went on to form). Oh right, and the fact that the band sounds fucking incredible.


"What A Day" (live, MTV studios 1995):

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