Friday, June 15, 2007

Era Mustache

The new Queens of the Stone Age dropped this week and Jesus H Fucking Christ is it awesome! Josh Homme and Co. reinvent themselves once more and never give up any of the good shit whilist doing it.

The album itself has 11 tracks, with various b-sides and covers starting to show up everywhere. Of course, no Nick Oliveri and the Johainnes couple is gone, but they Josh, Troy and Little Joey managed to grab the servies of Julian (The Strokes) and the one and only Mark Lanegan to dust off the sessions. Trent Reznor even stopped by and contributed to a track that didn't make the record but was available on the Queens MySpace page for a hot minute last month.

Every track is unique and great in its own right, but the standouts include "3's & 7's", "Suture Up Your Future", the old Queens vibe of album closer "Run, Pig, Run", and the two Lanegan cuts: "Into The Hollow" and the Desert Sessions redux of "Make It Wit Chu". Just awesome.

I don't think they're going to make many new fans with this one, as the last LP also weeded out the casual fan leftover from the "Is Dave Grohl in the band" era. However, many people who have been fans since their debut LP on Stone Gossard's Loosegroove Records in 1997, will drool all over this. It's raw, stripped down, catchy, complex, beautiful, fucked up and layered, all at the same time in all the right places.

If you can find em, they also included sticker sets with purchase of the CD (you know, those things that play music that you have to BUY at a store)...Stoned Mustache with feet included.

QOTSA isn't Kyuss, so stop asking for it. This is their fifth album already. It's safe to say it's a solid thing by now.

Buy this thing.

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