Monday, July 2, 2007

Chris Cornell is a Beatles Fan

So much so that he has started to pattern his life after John Lennon.

See what I mean? he got his own Yoko Ono. Granted in the last one she's not with the band but still hovering around the table.

These photos are all from Meet and Greets with Chris Cornell and his band...and I guess his wife was under the impression it was a Meet and Greet with Chris Cornell and his wife. In recent weeks she has also taken to managing his schedule and tour, Her day job is a Publicist, guess she got bored.

I've seen this in person a few times, she owns him, he follows her around like a dog on a leash. Chris Cornell can't seem prevent the women in his life from running it. It just gets my goat because these people waited in line hours to meet their idol and get a picture with him and there she is, like a wart...who wants a picture with Cornell and his wife? (who incidentally claims to be 27. She's 27 like I'm Michael Jordan)

Perhaps she doesn't understand the magnitude of his fame or fan base, She's been reported as only having heard 'Black Hole Sun' before she met Chris. To me, it's just incredibly disrespectful to sit WITH the band at a meet and greet for fans. Chris is also happy these days, I'm sure falling in love and getting clean had everything to do with it, but man does his new music suck, his voice is phenomenal but the songs, oh man they suck. It's such a shame, I'm a huge fan of Soundgarden/Euphoria Morning/Audioslave but since he met this succubus the quality his work has been going downhill. He wrote so much better when he was on smack.

I'm not saying I want him to be a junkie again but a divorce might solve a few problems in his life right now.


Kriss said...

Wow she is how do I put this without insulting myself...SO FUCKING LONG ISLAND...I just vomited a little in my mouth.

Obviously she is MAD insecure!!! Bring back Susan at least she served a purpose and as I recall from my days at A&M she was NEVER in a picture with fans!!!

Johnny Epcot said...

Fuck Chris Cornell. His new record takes the level of suck to new heights. It's like a Hall & Oates album without the cool mustache.

His wife is responsible for him being a puss and he's responsible for letting a brilliant career end up in the toilet.