Monday, June 4, 2007

The Horribleness of Velvet Revolver

Many will argue the definition of a Supergroup. What it takes to secure that title. What it takes to keep it. The Traveling Wilburys, Audioslave, Temple of The Dog and to a lesser extent, bands like Down, Tomahawk, and the yet-to-be-released or officially recorded VergeIn (get it, virgin) featuring all members of Converge and Cave In. Who told Velvet Revolver they were invited to the party?

For arguments' sake, Axl's "new" GNR is way more super. Buckethead, Brain, Dave Abruzzesse, Tommy Stinson, Bumblefoot...The revolving (no pun intended) cast of characters goes on like this. Suck? Sure, but these are top players.

For VR, we get Weiland (why wont he just keel over and die), Slash (talented? Yes. Characature of former self? Yes), Duff (please put a shirt on, remove cowboy hat instead), Matt Scrotum (yes, Scrotum) and Dave Kushner, some handlebar-mustachioed dork who is trying so hard to be cool. He might be the only credible member because I know jack shit about him.

Their new steaming pile of a sophomore LP will soon be upon us, Libertad. Oh look, they learned a word that isn't English!

Bottom line, coming from bands such as STP and GNR, it should at least be decent. Put the s/t Audioslave LP and the debut VR LP up against each other. It's like compairing the relevance of Bach or Beethoven to members of NKOTB.

For proof of how bad they are, check out their new pile of feces:


Ana said...

I really, really hate Weiland.
I can't wait until he kicks it.

Johnny Epcot said...

So who do you hate worse? Weiland or Evan Farmer? Hmmm?

One guy ruins bands you don't like anyway, while the oher guy ruins shows you love and pretty soon an entire network.