Friday, June 1, 2007

You should worship Katatonia

You know those shitty stickers on every CD that comes out now: "If you like Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance and eating horseshit, you'll love This Crappy Band"! Well, if I were an A&R guy, I'd sign Katatonia this second. Scratch that. I would've signed them years ago and be living high off the royalty checks right about now. Their CD would read: "If you worship Tool, A Perfect Circle and the Deftones, but you need something that lays all that shit to waste, LISTEN TO KATATONIA OR DIE". It's a no-brainer.

These dudes have been cranking the doom out for over 10 years and the thing that really sets them apart from bands like A Perfect Circle, is that they're REALLY f*cking depressed. No Hollywood depression here. This is cold stuff. Every song feels like it's 30 below and you're outside naked in a snowstorm.

They started out as a typical death/doom project with help from Mikael from Opeth on their first 2 releases (on vocals). They did a complete 180 and closed the door on death metal in 1997 and instatly became awesome. ALL their records are monsters, but the last two are gold: "Viva Emptiness" and last year's "Great Cold Distance". They have a live CD/DVD coming out on Tuesday June 5th called "Live Consternation"...It promises to rock.

Check out the video for "My Twin". It renders all other sad bands useless.

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