Friday, June 1, 2007

Petulant Pansy

So The Police have reunited after 20 years apart and it's apparently not up to snuff for Stewart Copeland. In a posting on his site he criticized a recent show in Vancouver, saying their performance was "Unbelievably Lame", Sting's footwork was off and "The mighty Sting momentarily looks like a petulant pansy instead of the god of rock".

Let me just stop right there.

Really, that guy? The God of Rock?

Maybe Stewart's never been out of his bubble, never took the blinders off and realized that not only is Sting most assuredly not the God of Rock, but he also kinda sucks.

The Police were ground breakers and do rightfully have a place in history as such, but Stink plays wuss rock. Christ I'd let Gene Simmons be God of Rock before I let Sting and his Simple brand shoes and Tantric Sex lifestyle be God of Rock. Gods of rock don't bleach their hair, they don't have gentle sex and they don't get pissy when they miss their dance step.

Stewart also sucks because he admits his band sucks and he's okay with charging an arm and leg for tickets.

Whatever, let me know when Pearl Jam is touring again.


Anonymous said...

Motherfuck the police and john wayne. For serious.


Johnny Epcot said...

Totally. Don't get me wrong. Stewart Copeland is a sick drummer and the Police catalog is littered with amazing gems (not only the hits, people). Songs like "Behind My Camel" "Truth Hits Everybody" and "Born In The 50's" are incredible. However, "Do Do Do Da Da Da" is easily one of the worst songs of all time.

It's 30 years later guys. You don't age like Petty. As far as the power trio of old dudes go, ZZ Top and Rush could kick their colllective asses anyday.