Friday, July 6, 2007

You Are Owned By Cult of Luna

You might not know it yet, but Cult Of Luna owns you. Like Isis? How about Burst? Does Neurosis tickle your fancy? Meet Cult of Luna. They range from 6-8 dudes live and clock in a solid 7 on disc. A wall of guitars, Bonham-like drums, and vocals that could make a bear shit himself.

Now 4 records into their career (plus a few 7"s that are now out of print), COL have made quite a name for themselves everywhere except North America (where else?). They have released all 4 albums on Earache Records in the US, but none of them have really received proper promotion or distribution. It's really a shame because they are better than any other band in their genre. Purists will call out Neurosis for that title, but something about them just doesn't do it for me. Isis is another one. An awesome band but sadly getting crappier with each release. They're also a big sleeping pill live. Cult of Luna rarely tour the states and sell very little here (under 10K scanned for 4 releases) but sales don't mean shit when discussing music quality.

Their latest, 2006's "Somewhere Along The Highway" sees the band branching out and incorporating more melody than before, but fear not, the 16+ minute destroyers are still here. In fact, most of the discs' 7 tracks clock in well over 10 minutes. The track "Finland" is pure sludgy bliss. While nothing on this record tops the best cuts of 2004's "Salvation", the album as a whole is far more enjoyable. Unlike other bands in the same circles, COL are getting better with each LP.

Do yourself a favor and check out the video for "Back To Chapel Town" below. It destroys...

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