Monday, December 17, 2007

Squirrels Smoking Crack

Gibby Haynes should be dead. I don't mean just regular dead...Super dead. Almost to the level of Scott Weiland should be dead or Phil Anselmo should be dead. In the late 90's when Weiland was trying to prove his sobrity, Gibby mentioned during an interview (I believe it was with SPIN) that just last week, he and Scotty had been smoking crack together in some abandoned house in LA. If you're gonna be a crackhead, say it loud and proud.

I've been a Butthole Surfers fan since 1993's Independent Worm Saloon. I was probably a bit too young to enjoy their previous efforts and to this day, can't relate to those albums. I know there's probably some gems in there, but I don't have the patience to search. "Who Was In My Room Last Night?" was probably the most fucked up song I'd ever heard on radio. Probably still is to this day. Nearly a minute of "I'm flying" and then buzzing distorted badassness ensues. Hell, even Flea was the bartender in the heavily played video on Headbanger's Ball. I also thingk this record showed that they could actually write great songs...even a few ballad-type tunes. I've seriously been singing "The Wooden Song" in my head for over 14 years.

With 1996's Electriclarryland, the guys gained huge sales and even some critical acclaim (and I think a Grammy nod), mostly due to their huge megahit, "Pepper", which is still a staple of rock radio. Kind of a timeless tune.

They fell out of the spotlight for a few years but came back strong in 2001 with Weird Revolution. Not a great record, but there are some killer tracks on this one, with the standout first single, "The Shame of Life". Any song that mentions squirrels smoking crack is alright by me.

Check out the Mission Impossible 2 Soundtrack for one of their best tunes, "They Came In" and the Music For Our Mother Ocean (MOM) Comp Vol.2 for their spot-on cover of "Summer In The City". For a good read, check out their chapter (and the rest of the book) in "This Band Could Be Your Life". Just great stories of life on the road for many young DIY bands in the 70's and 80's.

The Butthole Surfers have always just been the Butthole Surfers. If you didn't like it then, it'll still sound like shit now.

"Goofy's Concern" (live and awesome)

"Who Was In My Room Last Night?

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