Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This Pretty Much Says It All

Leave it to Chris Cornell (or as some Italian ex-fans are calling him, Crisis Cornell) to be so delusional as to call the first single/joint/ringtone off his new as-yet-to-be released album "Long Gone". Shit, that says it all and more. Long gone are his lyrics, music, dignity, pride, album sales and fans. He has some fans left, but they're just as delusional as Cornell.

Come to find out that dude doesn't even write some of this trash on his new album, which is going to be called "My Life, My Ass: The Chris Cornell Experience" or something horrendous like that. He has the guys behind the last Britney Spears album on board. Oh, and CC said in a recent interview that this record is akin to...God help us all...Dark Side of the Moon. DARK SIDE OF THE FUCKING MOON, HE SAYS! The nerve of this brainwashed ball licker.

Fuck him. I'd rather listen to Nickelback. They suck a steaming pile of rat shit as well, but at least they play rock and stay loyal to their fans, but most importantly, themselves. This isn't Chris Cornell. This is a ringtone waiting to not be purchased. No 14 year old girl wants a 44 year old man's new club-banger as a ringtone. She wants Miley Cyrus.

Watch this and smoke something nice...(and RIP Natasha)...

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