Thursday, August 14, 2008

Beyond The Shit

As I've stated here many times in the past, I'm a huge Soundgarden fan. I love everything they ever did and respected them greatly for bowing out before they turned into something else. It saddens me to see Chris Cornell turn into such a puppet for Verizon, Timbaland, his wife...Whatever it is, it's fucking mindblowingly sad. What's left of his fanbase (all twelve of you, listen up) has blinders on and support the new material, but to me it's way more than just new songs. If Chris were to put out a record I dislike, I'd still support him. "Carry On" was horrible but I still went to the shows, rocked out and had a great time. However, this new "Scream" business is just pathetic and a sorry attempt to be cool again. Chris, you dipshit, you will always be cool to your fans...Just don't shit where you eat.

Fortunately for me, I can let this be what it is and hope it dies and he moves on into another direction. I'm not asking for Louder Than Love Part 2. I'm not asking for shit. I would think that someone of his talent would want to play BETTER music. Write BETTER music. Have BETTER fans (ie: the ones you're leaving in the dust). You're bored with rock? Cool. Make a 60's Soul record. Make a psych-blues record. Make an all acoustic record. Do what you were put on this planet to do.

To separate Chris Cornell and V-Cast Cornell, I simply act as if they're two entirely different artists.

Check this out. Chris, you were never indie (as you have stated in recent interviews). You were METAL. It's ok, it really is.

"Beyond The Wheel" 1991- The Spectrum, Philly (Get Ready, this shit is UNREAL!)

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