Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Testicular Tuesday!

I spent a nice portion of my day today listening to Converge. You should too. They are punk as fuck. Everyone seems to hate on their 2004 release, "You Fail Me", but the truth is that record really HAD to be made. After a career-defining "Jane Doe", they had nowhere else to go but way off the map and shake everything up right quick. This record redefined the band as a creative force and a band not afraid to take chances then 13 years into their career, a milestone for any band, let alone a hardcore group.

Converge have somehow figured out how to sell a decent amount of records, never sell out and never lose their fan base...All while taking unbelievable chances and throwing curveball after curveball at their audience.

Bottom line, hundreds if not thousands of bands owe their sound and if not that, their DIY ethic to Converge.

Enjoy this. It was a good Monday for hardcore.

"Eagles Become Vultures":

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