Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Testicular Tuesday!

So while every other blog on the face of this ill-fated planet is debating whether the two new officially leaked Metallica tracks are any good (they are kinda, sorta, maybe, who cares?), I got inspired by the fine fellows at MetalSucks.net to listen to some Chimaira and get me out of the current funk I'm in (thanks Chris Cornell, you sack fondler). There's a tangent I'll go off on tomorrow.

Chimaira is fucking awesome. Every record is better and better and they never forsake the hook and the riff, even managing to keep things together and ridiculously un-boring during 9+ minute songs. I'm partial to their 2005 self-titled release, but they proved their worth with last year's Resurrection, mostly by simultaneously telling Roadrunner to suck it, while signing on with indie powerhouse Ferret.

Chimaira is so good, they could tell you about hugging kittens and still make it sound brutal as fuck.

"Nothing Remains":

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