Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Testicular Tuesday: Sunday School Edition

Why is it that us Jews love the Christian Metal and Hardcore? Is it that they're screaming their gospel at us? Is it that Jesus IS really awesome? I tend to think that it's the pent up sexual frustration they hold inside. No pre-marital sex, no drugs, no sex, no temple, no sex...I get it. The question is, why aren't they angrier?

Today we focus on Demon Hunter. I love this band. They balance singing and screaming in a similar fashion that Killswitch Engage does, but very different at the same time. For one, they're not as good...Sorry. Secondly, they rarely tour and have this silent mystique about them. I mean, these dudes toured for 45 days this past year and felt the need to document it with a 2DVD/CD package called...45 Days. Awesome, yes. Smart, maybe.

I know for a fact that the band and I have VERY different views on religion, politics, etc...But we agree on the fact that they fucking kill it and to prove this, you will now watch this great video from their best song. Also, Brock from 36 Crazyfists sings on their 2004 LP "Summer of Darkness". That dude rules. Seems trustworthy, I dunno.

Check this. Happy Tuesday!

"Not Ready To Die":

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